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This website is designed to help you pass your DMV test. With more knowledge, useful hints, and sample tests it will be easier to pass the real exam. You will find sample tests for the following states:

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U.S. Road Sign Test Questions – Shapes of Signs

This is a quick interactive test to help you verify that you know some of the basic shapes of U.S. road signs. 10 road sign test questions with answers. Road Sign Test Questions - Interactive Quiz

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What Does the “Slippery When Wet” Sign Mean?

“Slippery When Wet” is one sign that often appears on the written knowledge tests in United States. It is also a quite common sign on our roads and highways. Make sure you understand its meaning. Photo of bridge by David Mark

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Take the North Carolina Sample Tests

The Official NCDOT knowledge test has two parts; a 25-question written test that checks your knowledge of N.C. traffic laws and safe-driving practice and a road signs recognition test.

To pass the examination, you must reach a score of at least 80% on each part.

North Carolina Sample Test No. 1

The special test format makes the North Carolina written test more difficult than many other DMV tests.

It is a good idea to carefully study the NC Driver Handbook and take the practice tests a few times before you attempt the real knowledge exam.

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Illinois Practice Test 3

While the official driver license exam in Illinois is among the easiest in the country, about 20% of all new test takers fail the knowledge part. Make sure you check your level of readiness with our practice tests.

The latest permit practice test for the state of Illinois is found here:

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