Hawaii Traffic Signals & Road Signs Questions


Do you want to try another practice test?

Hawaii Practice Test 1

Do you want to try another practice test?

Hawaii Practice Test 1

#1. When a lighted green arrow is used to control turns from a specific traffic lane:

A green arrow has the same meaning as a green light for the indicated lane of traffic – but you must turn or proceed in the direction indicated by the arrow. When the green arrow is lighted, oncoming traffic is stopped by a red light. Remember that you must still yield to vehicles and pedestrians in the intersection. Never insist on the right-of-way.


#2. This warning sign means:

Lane ends or road narrows. The signs warns you that there will be fewer lanes ahead. In this case, the right lane ends and traffic must merge left. Drivers in the left-hand lane should allow others to merge smoothly.


#3. A triangular red and white sign indicates:

A Yield sign is a triangular red and white sign indicating that other traffic has the right-of-way. Be ready to stop when you approach a Yield sign. You need to stop only when there is other traffic that has the right-of-way.


#4. You are approaching a flashing red signal at an intersection. You should:

A red flashing signal has the same meaning as a stop sign. You must come to a full stop and yield to other traffic and pedestrians. Go only when safe.


#5. If not prohibited by a traffic sign, a stopped vehicle facing a circular red traffic light may turn right:

After stopping, you may turn right except when a sign prohibits such movement. You must yield to all pedestrians and all vehicles when making such a turn.


#6. This road sign means:

No U-Turn. This sign means that you are not allowed to make a U-turn and go back in the opposite direction.


#7. When you see this sign, you should:

This sign gives you advance notice to slow your vehicle to a lower speed limit posted ahead. Begin to reduce your speed when you see the sign. The new speed limit begins at the next speed limit sign.


#8. Where this sign is posted, you may pass other vehicles on the left:

Do Not Pass signs are rectangular signs indicating locations where you must not pass on two- or three-lane roads. You must not pass another vehicle where these signs are posted.


#9. A lighted green arrow over the traffic lane means:

A lighted green arrow over the traffic lane means that you may use this lane.


#10. Which color are road signs that warns of hazardous or dangerous conditions?

Yellow indicates a warning of hazardous or dangerous conditions. This color almost always appears on a diamond shaped sign.

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Hawaii DMV Signs Questions

There are at least 40 road signs in the Hawaii Driver’s Manual you should try to learn for you permit test.

Focus not only on the description, but learn how colors and shapes change the meaning of common road signs. You are likely to see a question or two about shapes or colors on your real Hawaii DMV test.

Hawaii DMV Questions about Traffic Signals

Many first-time test takers fail on questions about flashing signals or signals showing red/yellow/green arrows. It is important that you fully understand what all signals mean. Not only for your DMV test, but for your own safety on the road.

Practice Tests Tell if You are Ready or Not

The practice tests in the Hawaii series can help you verify if you are ready for the real exam or not. Take all tests and make sure you reach a full score.

The real Hawaii exam has 30 questions and you must correctly answer at least 24 questions (80%).

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