New York Permit Practice Test No. 3 – 20 Questions

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New York Permit Practice Test No. 3

After studying the New York Driver’s Manual, you are ready for the practice tests.

Surveys show that practice tests improve your chances of passing the real New York Driver’s Examination.

After 10 practice tests, chances are increased by 20%. After 20 practice tests, your chances have increased by almost 50% (licenseroute).

The New York driver tests combine expert’s experience, information from the Official Driver’s Manual, and NY DMV examination questions.

How Many Correct Answers Do You Need to Pass?

Time for Answers - New York Permit Practice

The official DMV knowledge exam has 20 questions, including 4 questions about road signs. You need 14 correct answers to pass. At least 2 of the 4 road sign questions must be answered correctly.

On a practice test you should get all answers right. If you miss a question, make sure you understand why. Focus on reading everything with care. It is easy to jump to conclusions based on familiar words or phrases. Don’t really understand the answer – check the facts in the New York Driver’s Manual.

Having friends and family to help you explain rules and safe practices is also a good idea.

Just moving on and trying to get it right the next time, doesn’t make you aware of any weaknesses – it just patches over your mistake with a quick fix.

New York State - DMV - NYSDMV

The Correct Way to Use Practice Tests

Bad or ineffective practice can hurt your potential success on the DMV examination and force you to retake the test. More importantly, it can leave you with serious knowledge gaps and make you a dangerous driver, even if you pass the test.

With time, you will make up for some of the gaps with experience, but most likely you are not there yet. Thorough knowledge and the right attitude should be your main strategy when using the permit practice tests.

When tests on this site aren’t enough, there are additional permit practice tests available at this Permit Test site.

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