New York Permit Practice Test No. 4 – 20 Questions

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New York DMV Sample Practice – 4

New York Permit Practice Test No. 4

Preparing for your permit or driver license test can be a lengthy (and sometimes even boring) process, but there’s no need to feel discouraged.

Studying the New York Driver’s Manual is a must. Everything you need to know for your exam is found in this manual. Pay special attention to study questions and descriptions of different driving scenarios. DMV likes to put special emphasis on these subjects.

This sample practice will put you on the right track.

Passing Score on the NY DMV Exam

The knowledge test is computerized. You take this multiple-choice test on a computer with a touch screen. If you have any special needs like a translator or have trouble reading, call your local DMV office ahead of the test.

You are tests on the rules of the road, safe driving techniques, road signs and the laws about alcohol and drug use while driving. To pass the exam, you can only miss two of the four road sign questions, and your total score must be 70% or more (14 correct answers).

DMV Online Knowledge Test Application (OKTA)

High school students ages 15 and older can usually take the knowledge test in their school via the internet. This is known as the New York OKTA Program. It is available at participating high schools across New York State. The program reduces the time spent by students and their parents at the DMV office.

The test application is an easy-to-use computer program which offers the test in English and Spanish. It automatically scores each test and displays the results for the student on the computer screen.

After passing the test, a student receives a receipt, instructions and all required forms to apply for a learner permit.

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