New York Permit Practice Test No. 5 – 20 Questions

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20 Questions to Help You Pass

New York Practice Test No. 5 has 20 new questions to help you pass the knowledge test for your NY learner’s permit or driver’s license.

All questions are licensed from, verified, and approved.

Passing the New York Driver Knowledge Test

To pass the written test in New York State, you must correctly answer at least 14 of the 20 questions asked. There are 4 questions about road signs, and you must answer two of those questions correctly.

After studying the New York Driver’s Manual, you should practice for the written test with the questions included on this website. If you need additional practice, it is a good idea to visit

Permit Practice Test - 20 Questions - Photo copyright: Cathy Yeulet - United Kingdom

Questions are Drawn from a Large Pool

The 20 questions on your real DMV written test are drawn from a large pool of exam questions. To guarantee a passing score on the exam, you must simply learn the most common rules of the road, safe driving techniques, road signs and New York laws about alcohol and drug use while driving.

But just memorizing questions and answers that you don’t fully understand is often a quick road to failure.

When You Don’t Understand, You’ll Probably Fail

To put it bluntly: When you just try you memorize, you’ll forget. When you truly understand, you’ll always remember.

When humans truly learn, they connect knowledge they already have with the new knowledge they are trying to understand. Much like building a private network of knowledge. Or like drawing lines between dots on a piece of paper.

When you memorize, you usually don’t bother about previous knowledge or the dots. That’s why the new knowledge doesn’t stick as good as it should. You also need to put a lot more effort into the memorizing process than other learning strategies.

Active Learning

Active learning means challenging yourself and using curiosity, imagination and creativity.

Start by reading the manual. There are several scenarios described in the manual. Use them to discuss safe driving with a parent, friend, or any licensed driver. Observe what happens in traffic around you. Look at all road signs and make sure you can describe their meaning with your own words.

It’s a good start to active learning that will help you become a good driver.

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Photo Copyright: Cathy Yeulet – United Kingdom / 123RF Stock Photo and Xzelenz Media.

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