North Carolina Sample Test 1

This North Carolina sample test has 25 questions, just like the real driver examination test. When you visit North Carolina DMV to apply for a learner's permit or driver's license, you are asked to take two tests; a signs recognition test and a knowledge test.

DMV Test Questions about Pavement Markings

Do you know the difference between white and yellow pavement markings? Do you know when lines are solid and when they are broken? Pavement markings are an important part of your DMV examination. Study these DMV questions to prepare for your driver's license or learner's permit test.

Illinois FREE Permit Practice Test – 1

This is the first of our permit practice tests for Illinois. It has 25 questions to make it easy for you to check your current knowledge level. All questions and answers are found in the Illinois handbook “Rules of the Road”. Using a practice test speeds up your learning and help you to retain information better.