Road Signs Test – Large Arrow

There are several signs you must know for your road signs tests. While some are easy to understand and act upon, others may not always be so obvious. The large arrow sign is probably one of them. Seen by itself on a test it can be difficult to know where this sign is placed and what it actually means. Statistics from different practice tests show that only one out of three get this sign right. You shouldn't be one of them. Not after reading this!

Permit Practice Test California – Free DMV Test Questions

100 Free DMV Test Questions are now added to our California driver permit practice exam. Before taking the real knowledge test at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) office, you should make sure you have learned the contents of the California Driver Handbook by taking several practice tests from a website you can trust. The four practice tests added here are all based on the California Driver Handbook for 2016 and real DMV examinations. The tests are licensed by Xzelenz Media and 100% reliable. They may not be reproduced without permission (see our terms and conditions).

DMV Test Questions About Alcohol and Drugs

Expect to see a greater emphasis is on understanding your State's drinking and driving laws on the new DMV permit and license tests for 2015 and 2016. This means you should expand your knowledge about alcohol and drunk-driving laws and prepare yourself with more practice questions.