Understand Blind Spots

On any DMV knowledge test or road test, you must understand where your blind spots are and how big they can be. On the road test, your examiner will make a note of how often you check your mirrors and if you do a check over your shoulder when you change direction or lanes.

DMV Questions about Slippery Roads

Learn how to drive safely on slick roads and how to master a skid before you take your DMV written test. You should expect at least one or two questions about driving in adverse weather and on slippery roads. If you live in a northern state with bad winter conditions, expect at least one question about winter driving. DMV test questions about safe driving on slippery roads are based on some simple facts that you should know and understand. We tell you what they are.

Get Your State Driver Manual

The first step is to get your state driver manual or driver handbook. You can get a hard copy at your local DMV office, usually for a small fee. There are also online versions, often in more than one format. Make sure you read the manual! All questions on your permit practice test and your final knowledge test are based on the information in the manual. Find the links here!

Driver’s Prep – Free Permit Practice Tests

It doesn't matter if you apply for your first learner's permit, want to convert an international license to a state driver's license, or need to re-take the knowledge exam after an revocation - Driver's Prep got you covered! With the free permit practice tests at Driver's Prep you will pass the first time. No need to visit the DMV office and wait in line all over again. The online practice tests at Driver's Prep that have more than 500 free DMV questions. The number of questions in the practice tests for some states is even 1,000!! You will not find this large number of questions anywhere else. All Driver's Prep questions are based on the driver's manual or driver's handbook in your state. They truly got you covered!

Road Sign Shapes Test for Your Permit

Study the road sign shapes and colors carefully! A thorough knowledge of road signs and road markings is a must for all drivers. Do not assume that you only need to learn the few signs included in your driver's manual. In addition to becoming familiar with individual signs and their meaning, you must also recognize road sign shapes and colors, because both are coded to the sign's type of message. Expect such questions to appear on your permit practice test and on your final written DMV test. Take our Quiz with a few examples of such road sign shapes test questions.

Practice Permit Test New York State

The New York DMV website has an on-line quiz for each chapter in the driver's manual. Take a quiz after each chapter to check your knowledge. This is a good strategy for your study of the manual, but you also need to sum up all your knowledge with a complete permit practice test that simulates the real written knowledge test. Use a permit practice test site that has a full set of sample questions to cover everything you need to know.

Minnesota Graduated Driver Licensing Laws

Minnesota graduated driver licensing laws help teenagers to gain experience and minimize risks of crashes, injury or death. As of January 1, 2015, a permit holder must log more hours of supervised driving. The new law also encourages parents to complete a supplemental parent class. If a parent or guardian has completed the supplemental parent class, the supervised driving log must show at least 40 hours of supervised driving. Otherwise, the log must show at least 50 hours. Like before, the provisional phase comes with nighttime and passengers restrictions. Violating these laws is a misdemeanor.