Road Sign Shapes Test for Your Permit

Learn road sign shapes for your permit test

Permit Test Questions – Road Signs

A thorough knowledge of road signs and road markings is a must for all drivers. Do not assume that you only need to learn the few signs included in your driver’s manual.

In addition to becoming familiar with individual signs and their meaning, you must also recognize road sign shapes and colors, because both are coded to the sign’s type of message. Expect such questions to appear on your permit practice test and on your final written DMV test.

Here are a few examples of such road sign shapes test questions. Study the road sign shapes and colors carefully!

Road Sign Shapes Test Based on Real DMV Questions

Question 1: What does a red and white triangular sign at an intersection mean?
  • A. Slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary.
  • B. Always come to a full stop at the intersection.
  • C. Speed up as you cross the intersection.
  • D. You cannot make a turn at the intersection.

ANSWER: A. Three-sided red yield signs mean you must slow down and be ready to stop to let any vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian pass before you proceed.


Question 2: What can a rectangular shape be used for?
  • A. School crossing sign.
  • B. Railroad crossing sign.
  • C. Stop sign.
  • D. Speed limit sign.

ANSWER: D. Speed limit signs are rectangular.


Question 3: What shape and color is a railroad crossing warning sign?
  • A. Five-sided and yellow.
  • B. Round and yellow.
  • C. Diamond shaped and orange.
  • D. Square and white.

ANSWER: B. Circular (round) signs mean there is a railroad crossing ahead. Use caution, and be prepared to stop.


Question 4: A diamond-shaped sign is a
  • A. School crossing sign.
  • B. Railroad crossing sign.
  • C. Hazard warning sign.
  • D. Speed limit sign.

ANSWER: C. Four-sided diamond-shaped signs warn you of specific road conditions and dangers ahead. Most warning signs are diamond-shaped.


Question 5: What is the background color of warning signs that indicate general hazards ahead?
  • A. Green.
  • B. Yellow.
  • C. Red.
  • D. Blue.

ANSWER: B. Yellow is used for general warning and advisory of unexpected roadway conditions. You are approaching an especially hazardous location or a place where there is a special rule.


Question 6: What are the colors of a sign which tells you the distance to the next exit of a highway?
  • A. Green with white letters.
  • B. Black with white letters.
  • C. Red with black letters.
  • D. Yellow with black letters.

ANSWER: A. Destination and distance signs are green with white lettering.


Question 7: You see an orange road sign from a distance. What should you expect ahead?
  • A. School Zone.
  • B. Railroad crossing.
  • C. Work zone.
  • D. Traffic incident.

ANSWER: C. Orange is used as a background color for construction and maintenance warning signs. They alert you to possible dangers ahead due to construction and maintenance projects.


Question 8: What shape is the road sign that tells you there is a school crossing ahead?
  • A. Five-sided.
  • B. Four-sided.
  • C. Eight-sided.
  • D. Round.

ANSWER: A. Five-sided signs mean you are near a school. Stop if children are in the crosswalk.


Question 9: A regulation sign is normally what shape?
  • A. Three-sided pennant.
  • B. Four-sided diamond.
  • C. Circular.
  • D. Vertical rectangle.

ANSWER: D. Regulation signs are normally white rectangles with black letters or symbols, but some are different shapes, and some can use red letters or symbols.


Question 10: You see a sign with this shape from a distance. What should you expect ahead?

US Road sign shape

  • A. School zone.
  • B. No-passing zone.
  • C. Road works.
  • D. Toll road.

ANSWER: B. This three-sided sign is shaped like a pennant. It is yellow with black wording. The sign will appear on the left side of a two-lane, two-way roadway. It is posted at the beginning of a no-passing zone where no-passing pavement markings are also used.


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  2. Good refresher. ? 10 shows a 4 sided figure, answer says 3 sided

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